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confused AF about how to get tanned AF®? we’re sharing all the top tips + from the to get the tan results of your dreams

all the curly q’s

do i have to exfoliate before tanning?

look, if you follow any advice, it’s to exfoliate or prep your skin with a tan eraser. if you have any dirt or dead skin cells hangin’ round, your chances of having a patchy tan are much, much higher because the tan will fade in some spots quicker than others due to some skin cells being older than others.

can i tan my face?

you can use any of our self tan/gradual tan products on the face as well!

to ensure the perfect face tan, we recommend only using the left over residue left on your mitt after you've tanned your whole body so that you don't use too much (our faces absorb more product easier than the rest of our body)! You may also use a light layer of moisturiser before applying the tan to create a bit of a barrier so that the tan doesn't absorb too much and clog your pores.

we also have a face tan you glow girl available online formulated specifically for your face for daily use/or for top ups and is super fine so it won't clog your pores.

is the tan going to streak or go blotchy?

follow the above tan commandments and no. our biggest tip is that tan loves hydrated, smooth skin, so ensure your skin is well exfoliated, hydrated afterwards by drinking water and moisturising daily!

am i going to turn orange?

no way, babe. follow the tips above and you’ll have a great tan, no orange tones in sight. if you’re super worried, check out our violet base love at first tan self tan mousse that knocks out orange tones!

does b.tan smell gross on the skin?

no gross fake tan smell here, babe.

do i need to shower off the tan with soap after it has been left on?

for the first shower after tanning we recommend no soaps, lukewarm water and only a super quick (approx. 45 seconds) rinse so that the tanning actives can keep developing to their darkest potential.

what happens if i forget to shower off the tan?

the longer you keep the tan on, the darker it will get. however, some skin types may experience discoloration (looking a bit orange or yellow) if left on too long past around 8 hours. you may also get a streaky tan as you’re more likely to rub or wash off some sections.

can i get dressed after i apply the tan, or how long do i have to wait?

we recommend waiting until the tan feels slightly dry on the skin - then chuck on some loose, dark clothing - to prevent any unwanted staining and rubbing from tight clothes - and you’re good to go!

can the tan rub off on my clothes during the application time?

before you've rinsed off the product, there may be a little transfer if you don't wear loose-fitting clothing or if you sleep in it. rest assured, it’ll wash out in the washing machine!

once you've rinsed off the tan thoroughly after the development stage you won’t get transfer.

if you're particularly worried about transfer - try our bronzer-free just act natural self tan mousse.

can i sleep in my self tan while it develops?

definitely - a lot of our b.tanners do! for best results, make sure the tan is dry, you don't wear tight clothes or sweat too much while it's on.

how long does the tan last?

each application will last approximately 7+ days as long as you follow all prep, application & rinse tips. we then recommend moisturising daily afterwards to keep your skin hydrated for a longer lasting, even fading tan.

how often can I apply?

each application will last approximately 7+ days as long as you follow all prep, application & rinse tips. we then recommend moisturising daily afterwards to keep your skin hydrated for a longer lasting, even fading tan.

so - you should reapply around every 7 days with a self tan foam but daily with a gradual tan foam if that's how you keep the color up!

an alternative product is our b.tan forever + ever which is supposed to be reapplied every couple of days to keep your tan dark for up to 11 days!

but, you can always keep reapplying over the tan if you want darker results - just make sure your skin is exfoliated and hydrated so it doesn’t go patchy!

the tan commandments


  • exfoliate and moisturize

    24 hours before you apply your self tan, paying particular attention to elbows, knees, ankles and problem areas

  • wax or shave at least 48 hours prior to treatment

    this allows the pores time to close. dotting in pores may appear if not adhered to.

  • don’t apply moisturiser, perfume, deodorant or makeup on the day of application

    these products may act as a barrier against your skin and can prevent the tanning actives from developing evenly.


  • wear dark loose clothing

    tight clothing or underwear may cause marks. wear loose fitting shoes.

  • moisturize everyday after applying your self tan

    or consider using a gradual tan so that your tan is continually bring topped up and your tan lasts longer.

  • after day 5, exfoliate with a soft body polish on a daily basis

    this help your skin absorb even more moisturizer and keep it looking and feeling gorgeous. this also helps the tan fade naturally, rather than in patches.

top tips for
a top tan

we asked our b.fam to spill the beans on their no.1 tan hack for the best tan results, like, ever.

My favorite b.tan hack is double coating the products for a darker tan! It dries super quick and leaves you looking like a bronzed goddess.


Apply self tanner to your back first! It helps you reach everything without crisscrossing your arms all over your body and messing anything up. (For best results, I leave the first coat on overnight and double coat the next day! 😉❤️)


I achieve my perfect tan by using b.tan RIGHT when I get out of the shower. This helps it soak into my skin, and then I sleep in my tan and rinse off in the morning. :)


Two nights before an event I shower, exfoliate, and shave then apply one of b.tan's gradual lotions (I love plump up the bronze!) The following night I’ll apply two coats of my go-to b.tan mousse and leave it on overnight. Morning of the event, rinse and my tan is nice, dark, and hydrated!




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